I have some great news and not so good news. The great news is that I finally managed to buy myself another camera yesterday 🙂 but on the flipside it is the first DSLR camera I have ever owned so I want to first learn how to use it before I take pictures with it. All these pictures were taken with my phone when I received the products so I apologise if they don’t appear so clear.

Instead of doing individual posts on my 27Pinkx items, I thought it would be better to group them all together as they hold the name of the brand, not like the Makeup Eraser and Makeup Bullet which they sell as well. My first order was sometime mid October last year. I purchased their makeup brush set as well as the brush holder. My order arrived within 2 days and they offer free shipping within SA (Yay).


I had initially fallen in love with the bright fushia pink brush handles I had seen on Instagram but they were discontinued so I ordered the baby pink ones instead. I was really impressed with the price as it was only R440 ($36) for a set of 10 brushes whereas that would be the price of one MAC brush (unless you buy them in a set like I did here).


There are 5 of each brushes, the white bristled brushes are made from cruelty-free pony hair and are more preferable for powder products such as eyeshadow and blush. My everyday staple is the blending brush which I use to apply highlighter to my brow bone and inner corner as it is not as fluffy as I would like a blending brush to be. The black bristled brushes are synthetic and can be used for soft layering of powder or cream based products.


All the brushes are beautifully soft and I have never experienced any scratchiness or uneven application. It is a great option if you’re on a budget and contains all the brushes you would need to complete any look. The only problem I had is when I first washed my brushes I experienced quite a bit of shedding, especially with the pony haired brushes. It has decreased substantially over time and the brushes are still in great condition, except for the fact that I find it highly annoying when I get brush hairs stuck in my makeup every now and then.

It comes in a cute black bag with pink trimming and there is slot for each makeup brush great for travelling.



I also picked up their brush holder which can hold up to 16 brushes. It is made of acrylic and I just love the way it is tilted forward so you get a great overall view of what is stored there as opposed to rotating a glass jar filled with brushes. I keep my most used and favourite brushes stored in here for everyday use.



I even posted these pics on Instagram where I prettied it up using some sticker motifs I purchased from the craft store. I wish I could purchase more stands for all my brushes but at a price of R380 ($31), with the amount of brushes I own, we’re looking at four holders and counting.


Then in December I purchased their Nail Polish and Lipstick Stand from Spree online when I did a mini haul. It was R160 ($13) for the set and I thought that was a really great price since on their website their other lipstick stand costs R390 ($32) and they don’t have stock of the 9-grid organiser.

Set as advertised on the Spree website

Set as advertised on the Spree website

I was so appalled when I saw the quality of the grid I wanted to chuck it in the bin. I could buy a grid on Ebay for R45 ($3) and it would be better workmanship than this. Not something I expected from a brand that has graced the pages of O magazine, Grazia, Rooi Roos and The Times newspaper. I don’t know if you can see from the pic below, but the squares are completely uneven and who evens owns a lipstick as thick as that (it fits a cheek tint for Gods sake).



I immediately called Spree to let them know I was unhappy with the lipstick grid so they offered to send the courier to collect it. I could either get a credit on my account or have it replaced by another grid. I only sent the grid back and after a week of not hearing anything I gave them a call. The lady I spoke to advised me that they could not process the return since they needed the entire set (nail polish stand as well). I really love the nail polish stand even though I use it to store my skincare products.


I sullenly packaged it and waited. A week went by and no courier. Called Spree again and they said they would send someone to collect it. Two weeks and no courier. Eventually I bore my losses and it has found a home back on my dresser.

My lipsticks on the other hand are now rolling around in the draw like balls in a pit so I just might hop onto Ebay and ‘get me some grids’.

I just want to say that by no means am I brand bashing as I really love all my other purchases. I am just giving you the details of my experience and I have already reserved a few more items from them for the end of the month when I get paid 🙂

Do you own anything from 27Pinkx? What are your storage fails?

Have a great week bellas…


Belle BluSHH ❤

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  1. Had the same problem with my brush stand, but I purchased it from 27pinkx and they replaced it without any hassle, I was really impressed with the way they handled the problem and had it replaced within the week. I’ve two brush holders and a luxury organizer and I’m Inlove with it, I just might have to get another one soon 😁


  2. Hi lovely, loved your review! I have also purchased brushes from them before and they are HEAVEN but as I have my own acrylic cosmetic storage company I use my own nail/cosmetic displays 🙂 I never see negative reviews on their products! They look fabulous online but it was nice to see a real unsponsored opinion 🙂



    • Thanks so much hun! The Clair box looks gorgeous. Might need to buy one soon. Yes I never expected such bad quality from them and somehow think that is why they selling it at half the price on Spree’s website as opposed to full price on their own. Oh well, lesson learnt and I’ll stick to purchasing renowned only brands from them just in case 🙂


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