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Today is on to the lip products I purchased from my Kosmetik4less Haul which you can read about here. I somewhat regretting doing this on its own because the Essence Aquatix Lip Gloss is clear and the Essence Glossy Lipbalms don’t show up that well on my camera. Nevertheless, what’s done is done, so on we go.


Uma Cosmetics Permanent Lip Duo – R33 ($2.84)

Ummm so the way I feel about these lip duos have changed considerably over the last few times I have used them. Initially I really loved them for the following reasons A) It dries really quickly so you can apply multiple layers to get the colour payoff you want without it transferring onto anything B) Lasts the entire day and I literally have to scrub my lips to get everything off. The reasons I don’t like this product anymore is that it applies streaky and because I bite my lips, everything settles into the grooves so I need to apply it thicker to cover everything up which in turn means wasting a lot of the product. If I don’t wait for each layer to dry and apply more lipstick or lipgloss, it will transfer onto the brush and leave smudges on my lips. Also as with most long wearing lipsticks, it fades away in patches so it doesn’t look pretty after I have a drink or bite to eat. Definitely won’t be using these again 😦


Bonnie & Clyde No Gloss

Bonnie & Clyde No Gloss

Bonnie & Clyde With Gloss

Bonnie & Clyde With Gloss

Love & Luck No Gloss

Love & Luck No Gloss

Love & Luck With Gloss

Love & Luck With Gloss

Salt & Pepper No Gloss

Salt & Pepper No Gloss

Salt & Pepper With Gloss

Salt & Pepper With Gloss


Sleek Fruit Glaze Lip Gloss – R25 ($2.18)

Can I just say that this is the most amazing smelling lip gloss I have ever encountered. The shade I ordered is in ‘Black Cherry’ and boy does it smell delicious. The smell is pungent, but not overbearing and gives the nostrils a whiff of anticipation. I like the texture of this lip gloss, it is really thick but not runny or gooey when applied and I tend to smudge it out with my fingers to get an even wash of colour on the lips. It doesn’t really have a taste to it and transfers quite easily when eating or drinking so it needs to constantly be reapplied. I don’t find that it offers much hydration to the lips so its only great for its colour and smell.



Essence Glossy Lipbalm – R10 (91¢)

These lipbalms on the other hand and as great tasting as they smell. I find myself constantly surprised every time I wear this and lick my lips accidentally. I own all five flavours of these lipbalms but I picked up the ‘Strawberry Cheesecake’ and ‘Berry Cupcake’ in this haul. They offer faint bouts of colour on the lips and are much smoother and thinner in texture. They also wear off pretty easily so that’s a bit of a letdown if you’re constantly eating like me the whole day 🙂



Essence Wave Goddess Tinted Lipbalm – R25 ($2.14)

Another one of my lip balm faves. It is exactly like the other Essence Glow tinted lip balm I own. By ‘tinted’ I mean I didn’t realise it would have such a great colour payoff. It applies clear and smooth like a moist lip balm and after about 20 seconds, things really start changing up. ‘Loose your heart on the board’ (major spelling error) leaves the cutest pink shade on my lips and since I like it to be intense, all I need to do is apply multiple shades until I’m happy. These tinted lip balms also came in a coral-peach shade but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I’m almost tempted to say this product is waterproof because even after swimming and wiping and showering, the colour fades slightly but is still noticeable.


After a single layer

After a single layer

After multiple layers

After multiple layers

After wiping with makeup wipes

After wiping with makeup wipes

Essence Aquatix Jelly Lipgloss – R22 ($1.86)

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the Aquatix lip gloss is clear except for a few purple glitter particles which aren’t very noticeable when applied. The formula is really watery so it feels quite strange on my lips (not in a good way though). Another lip product I don’t think I will be using again *weeps silently*



What do you do with your unwanted makeup items? Do you give them away or toss them out?


Belle BluSHH ❤

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  1. these look amazing 🙂 I love the Essence Wave Goddess Tinted Lipbalm. I give them away 🙂


  2. Like the Sleek lip gloss on you, suits you so well. I tend to give my unwanted items away to friends or family who might like them more. It is sad though, coz I HATE feeling like I have wasted money or could have bought something different which I would have liked more, but I do LOVE giving something to someone else and making them HAPPY! A lot of other Beauty Bloggers I see have Blog Sales, which is also another option, but I hear the admin behind it can become very time consuming and frustrating. 🙂


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