Kosmetik4less Haul – Cheeks

So as per my previous post (which you can read here if you missed it), I am going to do quick reviews and swatches of the gorgeous cheek products I picked up from Kosmetik4less.


Essence Viva Brazil Blushes – R27 ($2.33)

Embossed with the fun, summer lovin’ destinations of the 2014 Soccer World Cup, these bright and highly pigmented blushes immediately caught my eye. It comes in 2 shades, ‘I ❤ Brasil’, the berry-red imprinted with Rio de Janeiro and ‘Destination: Sao Paulo’ the candy-pink aptly printed in its named counterpart. I only need to dab once in the pan with my brush to transfer amazing colour on to my cheeks that last for an amazing 6+ hours.




Essence Blush Up Powder Blush – R38 ($3.28)

How gorgeous is the gradient effect of this blush? You basically have 3 different shades to choose from and this shade is suitably called ‘Pinky Flow’. It leaves a smooth satin wash of colour when applied and no glitter or sparkle. I actually purchased this while I was waiting for my order so now I have two of them in my collection 🙂 It also comes in ‘Heat Wave’, that looks like a sunset with its orange shades.




Essence Road Trip Blush & Highlighter – R36 ($3.09)

This is the current trend edition now out in SA. I love this blush/highlighter duo because not only is it great size for my handbag, it is also two amazing shades that suit my skin tone. The blush is a matte rose shade and the highlighter has a hint of shimmer. Only available in one shade ‘Highway to Pretty’ and lasts a fair 4 hours before fading.



Essence Bloom Me Up Shimmer Powder – R36 ($3.09)

Okay so I must admit this one I bought solely because of the way it looked. I needed to satisfy my obsession with beautiful patterns. I am disappointed with the shimmer powder as it has almost no shimmer. I’ve applied it, tried to build it, and I can not get it to work for me at all. The shade is called ‘Rose it Up’ but it really is just a barely-there-shimmer, white powder.



Essence Aquatix Shimmer Pearls Highlighter – R36 ($3.09)

I was so excited when I saw this because I has been lusting after the Guerlein meteorites for a long while. Besides liking the name ‘Oceans Next Top Mermaid’, I must say another item I am really not impressed with. It has cute little baby blue and pink balls glistening brightly when you open the lid but no matter how much I swirled my brush in it or wiggled the sponge around the pot, I got absolutely nothing. No colour, no shimmer, just a few specks of glitter. In the swatch below, I had to rub the pearl so hard against my skin to get some colour, it was a tad bit painful.



Essence Wave Goddess Highlighting Powder – R33 ($2.81)

Now this highlighter I am impressed with. It is engraved with beautiful orchid flowers but after a few uses it is already starting to fade away. It doesn’t give me the amazing effect a high-end brand would, but for what you paying it is worth it. It contains apricot glitter particles  that look great on tanned skin and really makes you look like a ‘Sparkling Goddess’ for the entire day.



Essence Beach Cruisers Bronzing Powder – R33 ($2.81)

‘Life is a beach’ is a matte bronzing powder with a gorgeous golden shimmer palm tree as it s feature. The bronzer itself is only a few shades darker than my actual skin tone so it doesn’t really show up when I wear it. I tend to only sweep my brush on the palm tree to achieve a subtle sun-kissed glow. I think this shade would be more suited to fairer skin tones.



Manhattan Trio Effect Blush – R66 ($5.69)

While I love the idea of a 3-in-1, my go-to blush and highlighter brushes are way bigger than the little square in the ‘Cherry Cordial’ pan so I always accidentally pick up some of the adjacent shades. The blush is a gorgeous coral pink tone, the highlighter gives the perfect satin sheen to the skin and the bronzer is great for a subtle contour. Wear time is about 3 hours.



Uma Cosmetics ‘Get Freaky’ Rosy Blush – R44 ($3.78)

So far one of the best inexpensive blushes I have come across. The abstract triangles in varying shades of peach to pink create a different shade every time I apply it. It feels velvety smooth on the skin and lasts for about 4 hours of wear before fading. Comes with a little brush for on the go.



The outer casings of all these products are made from plastic and are quite sturdy, the Essence ones even more so. As I mentioned before these are a few great products that are affordable and have a great colour payoff. As mentioned before I bought most of these products because of the way they looked and now once I have used them I do have some regrets. If I had to recommend or repurchase any of these items it would be the Brasil blushes, Road Trip Duo, Wave Goddess highlighter and the Uma Get Freaky Rouge.

Stay tuned for the lip edition coming soon…


Belle BluSHH ❤

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