If you figured out what this post was about by just reading the title, then yes, I know it’s harsh but it’s the truth.

I, like many South African bloggers, jumped on the Lipidol band wagon as soon as it was launched last year in Clicks stores nationwide. The reason it has taken me months to write this blog post is because I attributed my experience to post-partum hormones when I started getting breakouts and decided to retry the products in the last month.

Lipidol is a range that was created by the makers of Bio Oil. It consists of just 6 oil products, all of which cost an affordable R79.95 ($7), even though they are all differently sized.

Lipidol_ProductsThe first thing that stood out at me was the packaging. Minimalistic, clear bottles with white screw cap lids. There are no labels on the bottle, just the name embossed in the front and the instructions and ingredients written in white on the back. I assume the bottles are sized according to how much the company thought you might need of each product, hence the cleansing oils are larger than the treatment oils. I picked up three of six available oils on offer.

So the way oil cleansing is supposed to work, for those of you who don’t know yet, is that it cleanses without stripping away any of the natural oils in the skin. It also seals the moisture in, similar to an oil layer above a glass of water, and therefore water won’t evaporate so easily.

It didn’t go so well for me. At night I would use wet wipes to remove the excess makeup on my skin and then I would use the Cleansing Face Oil (125ml/4.2oz), which is supposed to remove makeup as well. What disappointed me is that when I used toner and cotton pads, there were still traces of foundation or mascara afterwards, which hadn’t happened with a few of the cleansers I used previously. Anyhoo, I just wiped with the toner until the cotton pads were clear.


Thereafter I applied the Overnight Face Oil (50ml/1.6oz). Since my skin is dry, I was really looking forward to the intense hydration that I had read oil could provide. I applied only a few drops and it felt great on my skin. It absorbed quickly and left my face feeling plump and moisturised. It left no residue on my pillow, which I had expected, and my face did not feel tight at all. After three days of using the Overnight Face Oil, I started getting breakouts on my cheeks and forehead. Since I am used to trying new skincare, I know that you can get an occasional breakouts when your skin is introduced to something new, so I kept on using it. About a week and a half in, pimples started appearing on my chin and neck and the ones on my forehead got worse. (TMI) I tried my best to conceal those nasty, inflamed white heads until I could take it no more. I started popping them and pressing them out because I was sick and tired of wearing a cakeface to work. Two and a half weeks in, I finally decided that enough was enough and threw the bottle away. I’ll be sticking to my serums and moisturisers thank you.


The last product I bought was the Cleansing Body Oil (200ml/6.7oz). The one I can most tolerate out of the three. It has a zesty lime smell that is not overbearing, but doesn’t linger for very long. It turns into a milky emulsion when mixed with water and does not lather at all. For someone like me who only uses a sponge, I need to expel quite a bit to cover my entire body, so most days I have to use my hands to spread it over first. It left my skin feeling refreshed and somewhat hydrated. I always apply body lotion afterwards so I didn’t experience any more or less dryness anywhere on my body. I don’t really like the texture/formula, so for that reason I won’t purchase it again.


The other products that Lipidol has on offer are the After Shower Oil, Sunscreen Oil and After Shave Oil. After my experiences with oil products, I won’t be adding any of them to my shopping cart when I go to Clicks again.

Other people have said using olive oil works wonders for the skin, but I’m done with the oiling method for now. I have friends who have tried Lipidol and liked it but I think it helps people with acne and oilier skin. I was left with so much scarring from the breakouts, even though it was my fault for pressing them out, I decided to go for a chemical peel to try to minimise the pigmentation left by the scabs. I’ll be writing up a post on my experience and thoughts soon.

Have you tried the Oil Cleansing Method? Did Lipidol work for you?


Belle BluSHH ❤

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  1. Yikes!! Sounds like a nightmare 😦 It always sucks when you’re eager to try a product but it disappoints.
    I have the Overnight oil but haven’t used it as yet. I’m waiting to combat dry winter skin with i….Maybe not though after this review


    • It was quite disappointing but I think you should still give it a go. It might just work wonders because all our skins are different 🙂 Let me know if you do try it and how it goes


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