It’s Dirty but it Works!

Over the past couple of months, my love and collection of Dirty Works products has increased abundantly. After starting off with one face mask, the products have now become regulars in my skincare regime.


The Dirty Works products are only available in Clicks stores here in South Africa, and the collection is only limited to face products. I have read reviews about the body products that were available here from 2011-2013 but I have not seen any in store and would love to try some of them out. Give me a sec while I email Clicks 🙂 … Okay DONE!

I have tried time and time again to choose my favourite product so that this post could have a starting point, but I love all of them for different reasons and would repurchase each and every one of them in a heartbeat. So instead I am just going to review them in the order I bought them.


Power Berry Detox Mask – Price R64.95 ($5.69) for 100ml (3.3oz)

This mask is dubbed the ’10 minute facial’. It is a clay based mask which draws out impurities and deep cleanses the skin. It contains willow bark which has a high salicylate content to assist with the clearing of the skin of acne and pimples. The blueberry superfruit extract replenishes the skin to leave it radiant and glowing and it smells divine. I usually use this mask after a function or a long day of wearing makeup to freshen up my skin and unclog my pores.


Rose & Glow Moisture Mask -R51.95 ($4.55) for 100ml (3.3oz)

This mask has a very subtle smell of roses. It contains Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid which allows the skin to retain water and boost skin moisture levels. I apply this mask less frequently than before as my skin is less dry (I am wearing it while writing this post though) but it plumps up the dermis making my skin look more healthy and dewy. I’ll be saving some for those cold, winter days when my skin needs a quench. The thing I like most about this mask is that it is creamy in texture and has no colour so I can sleep with it to maximise the effects.


Collagen on Call Overnight Facial Lift – Price R94.95 ($8.31) for 50ml (1.69oz)

To be honest I haven’t used this product as directed on the box. It says to use after evening cleansing for 8 weeks to see results. I love trying out new products and I have so much skin creams that it was just impossible to use only one every night. I use this cream on the days I use my berry mask underneath the Miracle Cream. Even though this face cream contains a triple peptide complex, Shea Butter and Wheatgerm Oil to provide long lasting moisture, it is super light on the skin and absorbs easily without feeling oily. The ingredients boost collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to leave your skin looking smoother and younger after each use.


Miracle Cream – Price R99.95 ($8.75) for 50ml (1.69oz)

This is the cream that does it all. AKA the 8-in-1 multitasker, it combats many skin concerns. Improves skin firmness, brightens, evens skin tone, fill fine lines, diminish wrinkles, hydrate, stimulate collagen production and smooths skin texture. I attest to all of those claims except for the uneven skin tone. I use the miracle cream as my daily moisturiser and my skin has never felt better, it has looked better though. It leaves the most pleasant moisture barrier but can get oily if applied too thickly.


Pore-fect Face Scrub – Price R69.95 ($6.13) for 125ml (4.2oz)

This face scrub has micro-granules that don’t hurt the skin when rubbing and gently exfoliates dull and tired looking skin. It contains superfruit extracts to brighten the complexion and a hit of menthol to tingle the senses. To me, it doesn’t have a distinct smell but leaves my face feeling cool and fresh.



Pore-fect Facial Hot Cloth Cleanser – Price R89.95 ($7.88) for 100ml (3.3oz)

I use this cleanser on the days I wear heavy makeup. It comes with 2 white, thin muslin cloths to wipe away the dirt. I apply a thin layer of the cleanser to my face, wait about a minute then using warm water and the muslin cloth, the makeup literally melts off. It removes everything, including waterproof mascara, effortlessly. The only thing is that it contains eucalyptus to revitalise the skin, so I have to keep my eyes tightly shut so that they don’t burn.


That’s all the Dirty Works products I have to show you. I am eagerly awaiting a response from Clicks because I would love to try out some more of their products.

They also have a Line and Frown Eraser, Brightening Mask, Dark Circle Concealer, Lip Plumper and Eye Cream available at Clicks. I haven’t felt the need for any of them so I don’t think I’ll be adding them to my shopping cart anytime soon.

Have you tried any Dirty Works products? Which one is your favourite?


Belle BluSHH ❤

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  1. Didn’t know about this brand, is it like soap and glory? xx


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